Our Mission


Activating Children and Teachers’ Voices – Facilitating Teachers’ Learning, is about taking care of the socio-emotional wellbeing of all involved in the education of children.

INSPIRING positive socio-emotional wellbeing among leaders and teachers, thereby giving them a voice.

This specifically involves developing their self-concept. The key – through reflection (self and collaborative reflection).

When you empower everyone with a voice…
Each person will know that they have a voice that can and should be listened to.

When Directors/Managers and Educational Leaders…

have a positive socio-emotional wellbeing they can empower their whole team. When they work together and empower the voices of their team leaders, they too will strengthen their wellbeing.

When Team Leaders and Teachers…

are empowered with a voice, they feel you (their leaders, managers and educational leaders) are listening to them, including them, and valuing and respecting them. This will contribute to every team member developing a stronger socio-emotional wellbeing.

Furthermore, this will positively influence the functioning of the team, their approach to teaching, and their interactions with each other. Partnerships developed with families, as well as the organisational culture and community will also be greatly and positively affected. Most importantly, relationships with children will most certainly improve with better quality interactions characterised by mutual respect and trust.

When children…

are empowered with a voice, they will feel a sense of belonging to the ‘community’ of the setting. They will know they are a part of the decisions that are made for them and around them via the class program and routine. As a result, this builds their social-emotional wellbeing, including their self-worth, and also supports them in continuing to shape a confident self-identity.

As a result…


EMPOWERING children’s AND teachers’ VOICE. This will heighten their view of themselves (i.e., their self-concept) knowing that they can and do make a difference.
SHAPING A CONFIDENT SELF-IDENTITY of ‘who I am’, which is what we want for all children, so they can live up to their potential and beyond.

So, how do you STRENGTHEN FOUNDATIONS?  Empower your voice and Empower children’s voices.