Lockdown in NSW again…

Home Schooling? Spending 24/7 with your kids?

Are you already rolling your eyes, abit apprehensive and frustrated that you have to do your own work, housework and still have to teach and look after your kids?Are you longing for lockdown to be over just so you can go back to work?

Be honest. You’re not alone.

We all need space and time away from our kids, no matter how much we love them.

ACTVoices – Supporting Parents/Carers can help you with home schooling in the primary years and with your kids in the early childhood years.

WE LOVE… kids, being around them, teaching them.

YOU NEED… to keep your sanity; to balance your work, family and personal life; to have a positive mental health so you can have positive interactions with your family.

You don’t need to feel guilty. That’s what our job is. Your chosen occupation doesn’t involve being around children for extended periods of time, so we get it, and you should get it too. Let us support you during this time of extended time with your kids.


We are only supporting a small group of families dependent on location, so get in quick and contact us.