What Happens When You Empower Your Team With A Voice?

Ethical Leadership and Change

What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?

What’s the difference between leading ethically and unethically?

Why ARE these two concepts important to understand when we want to initiate some type of change?

That is, CHANGE TO  support…

  • The team of teachers to heighten their teaching quality.
  • Children and better understanding their behaviours.
  • Families and stronger collaborative relationships.
  • Yourself to empower your ‘voice’ and support your social-emotional wellbeing.

These are some of the issues that will be discussed in my powerpoint article:

  • Ethical leadership and your choice of the ‘power approach’.
  • Benefits of ethical leadership to team members, such as a stronger socio-emotional wellbeing for all (including for leaders, teachers and children), and an empowerment of everyone’s ‘voice’.
  • Acceptance of change, the culture you develop, wellbeing and the link with the empowerment of ‘voices’.


Who does IT start with?

(‘IT’ = change, improvement, ethical role modelling, transformative leadership, building of emotional wellbeing, empowering of ‘voices’, etc…)

The Director / Manager?

The Teachers / Team?

The Families?


The Community?

If you want to know more, “Contact Me” and I will email you my powerpoint article.

It will explain more about each of the points outlined above and how you can EMPOWER everyone’s ‘voice’.

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