How We Can Work Together

ACTVoices supports directors, educational leaders and teachers working in early childhood services (including long day care and preschool services), with the stressors they face.

We will discuss the issues you find challenging and together we will discuss a plan of action, including the specific strategies we will focus on and implement to address the issues you face.

What makes ACTVoices stand out from the crowd?

ACTVoices can make a difference when working with you and your team. How?

I will be an additional team member in the classroom, for a short-/medium-term timeframe. You will then be empowered to face challenges with more confidence and skill.

During the time we work together, the organisational climate will be transformed as it will be instilled with ENCOURAGEMENT. It will also be characterised with PEACE and CALM. This will help you and your team MOVE OUT OF whatever low point or whatever challenge you might be facing INTO action, BY DOING something about your situation.

I will take the position of a FACILITATOR – a role model – and a member of the group (versus a consultant/expert or trainer/leader).


* Relationships are key (versus strategy or event) as it builds trust.

Trust = process (versus experience or material).


* A ‘learning community’ (versus an expert/leader agenda or controlled learning environment) guided by process.

– It is agreed, the process of play is more important than the final product. Similarly, for adults, learning will be focused around process (versus application or content).

– Learning facilitated through provoking thinking, asking and listening (versus questioning and assessing, or telling and teaching).

Outcomes are unknown. Thus, ‘success’ will be measured by the success of others (rather than be measured against ‘what I know’ or the ability to present what you know).

      • You will be guided by 3 foundational skills and develop these skills during our work together; as well as continue to work on these skills individually and together with your colleagues.


I would love to work together with you and help you address any challenges you are facing.

Let’s get connected. Contact us.