Our Vision




As teachers, we can build and strengthen RELATIONSHIPS and develop collaborative PARTNERSHIPS with children and their families, as well as with the community.


In having these stronger relationships with families within educational settings, we can be the BRIDGE for families in CONNECTING them with their community and to help them access the services to support and strengthen their family unit.

In this way, WEas a COMMUNITY – can support the needs of each individual child and their family more accurately. WORKING AND NETWORKING TOGETHER will also support them beyond the doors of the educational services, with the major goal of supporting both children and their families develop a strong social-emotional wellbeing.

This will strengthen children’s foundations for developing their self-identity, as well as their sense of ‘belonging’, ‘being’, and ‘becoming’ that will have long-lasting effects well beyond the early childhood years.

To find out how this vision will be realised come and explore the website.