Supporting Parents’ and Carers’ Wellbeing

Although it might seem that talking and listening is not significant, in my service, it is what drives the success for teachers, leaders, families and children. I provide one-on-one support on effective practices, but most importantly I am a sounding board for reflection and self-growth.

Working with families @ ACTVoices.

I have been supporting families with young children at various stages of parenting since 2015, in their home context. I provide teaching and care to the children, as well as mentor and most importantly I bring a listening ear to families. I do this by working alongside family members, facilitating their learning and role modelling effective ways to support their child/ren’s learning and development.

One family I’ve also supported the grandparents who are the major carer during the working week helping facilitate and merge primary carer (i.e. parent) expectations and more modern ways of raising children to those of the expectations and attitudes of the older generation.

Since 2018, ‘supporting parents/carers’ has become part of ACTVoices.

* I can support you, as parents/carers, develop a positive wellbeing by improving the quality of your interactions with your child/ren and the climate that is present in your household.

Working with early childhood services and teachers @ ACTVoices.

I’m a facilitator at ACTVoices and I support leaders and teachers improve their social-emotional wellbeing that influences the type of environment that is cultivated and interactions that take place between teachers and children.

* I can be a source of support, an advisor, guide and listener. I will be your sounding board for reflection and self-growth, and I will also facilitate and model effective practices that will support you in raising your children.

* I individualise my approach to your needs and requests to improve the quality of interactions and wellbeing of you and your family.

My qualifications, specialisation and interest.

I am an early childhood teacher with 15 years experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood (birth to 12 years). I have expertise in guiding behaviour, and a high interest in emotional health and wellbeing, leadership, and reflective practice (both individual and collaborative self-reflection) which I have pursued through my studies and research.

I have an additional Master’s Degree in Early Childhood and am also involved in teaching and tertiary supervision of students at Macquarie University since 2013. I have an infant-CLASS and toddler-CLASS certification to reliably observe and code interactions between teachers and children with the goal to assist teachers and services improve teaching practice.

* With an experienced background in teaching in the early childhood years, knowledge of development and how to promote social-emotional wellbeing I can give you informed support and strategies that will work for you and your children. This will support them in their growth and learning, and support you and your children’s mental health.


We all need some help at some time during our parenting to have more effective interactions with our children and to support our own wellbeing. Let me be there for you, to walk with you in your parenting journey.

If you can resonate with some or all of the things I’ve talked about, then please reach out. I would love to get to know you and have a chat, contact us.

While you wait for me to contact you look around the website, including Are You A Parent/Carer and the identical way ACTVoices can Strengthen Foundations for your children and support your emotional wellbeing as parents/carers.