Activating Children’s and Teachers’ Voices

AND now… Parents/Carers

We support leaders and teachers improve their social-emotional wellbeing that influences the type of environment that is cultivated and interactions that take place between teachers and children.

We have also extended the business to supporting parents/carers and helping them cultivate a more positive home environment.

Although it might seem that talking and listening is not significant, in my service, it is what drives the success for teachers, leaders, families and children. We provide one-on-one support, mentoring and advice, but most importantly we are a sounding board for reflection and self-growth.

ACTVoices is here to inspire and support POSITIVE SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL WELLBEING among children, leaders and teachers, and families too.

We are now available to support you nationwide.

Consultations are free and available through phone or video session.

Choose one of the following 3 areas below to know more about how we can support you.

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Are you facing some issues at work with staffing and leading multiple teams, getting along with your coworkers or even your leaders, guiding behaviour and classroom management, managing family complaints and school-readiness expectations, or even time and organisation management?

Develop 3 skills that can help you develop a more positive emotional wellbeing.


What is the environment/climate like in your household? How would you describe the interactions that take place between you and your child – angry, frustrated, upsetting?

Instead, have peace and calm in your home.


Do you feel you are worrying more than usual – about many things and throughout the day. Don’t let it not take over your life and affect your children.

Take back control and unload that heavy burden.


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