Activating Children’s and Teachers’ Voices

AND now… Parents/Carers

. ACTVoices is here to inspire and support POSITIVE SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL WELLBEING among children, leaders and teachers, and families too.

With the changes due to the current global situation WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS and we’re here to support you and your emotional wellbeing.

The only changes that are happening are that all services are offered via phone or video sessions. Since we are here to support you during these times and we know many of you might be experiencing financial difficulties impacting your wellbeing, we are now offering all SERVICES FREE.

Reach out, don’t be isolated or walk this out alone. Connect with me and let’s talk.


Do you feel you don’t know what to do except worry, talk about it or even panic-buy? Is fear taking over and you don’t know what to do?

Don’t let it not take over your life and affect your children.


What is the environment/climate like in your household? How would you describe the interactions that take place between you and your child?

Do you want peace and calm in your home?


Are you facing some issues at work with staffing and leading multiple teams, guiding behaviour and classroom management, managing family complaints and school-readiness expectations, or even time and organisation management?

How’s your emotional wellbeing?



If you want to know more, read Our Mission and Strengthening Foundations.

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