Empowering Children’s Voices

Supporting Children’s Wellbeing and Developing Their Identity

Developing a Child’s Self-Efficacy Through the Use of Their Voice


For children, facilitation and scaffolding during play and other routine times will be the most effective way for change and growth. Among other ways, children will be empowered with their voice through opportunities to assert their INDEPENDENCE (i.e., so they can do things for themselves). More importantly, they will be given opportunities to develop their SELF-EFFICACY SKILLS (Or SELF-AGENCY, i.e. so they can make decisions and choices for themselves that will affect their present lives).


Children learn they have control and can take control over their lives. They will know they can and actually do influence things around them, and that their decisions/choices has an impact on their world and that of others too.

Specifically, they will realise that THEY HAVE A VOICE, and that their voice – words, thoughts and ideas – can and has the right to be listened to and respected by others, both adults and peers.

This empowering VOICE will show children that their voice is valued. This voice developing their self-worth/esteem.

As a result, buildING children’s EMOTIONAL-WELLBEING and shapING their SELF-IDENTITY of ‘who I am’.

So, What Is Empowering Children’s Voice All About?

Some reflective questions to address this question…

1. How do we build a child’s ‘sense of identity’ – their identity of ‘who they are’?

2. How do we build and support the positive development of a child’s socio-emotional wellbeing?

3. How do we build a child’s self-esteem and/or self-confidence?

4. Is promoting and supporting children’s independence beneficial, why/why not?

5. How does promoting self-agency skills in children contribute to their development? Is this an important skill, why/why not? (I.e., learning to take control of yourself and knowing you can and actually influence things around you).

6. What is being empowered with a voice about? Why is it important?

After reflecting on these questions, do you want to know more about how to empower children’s voices?

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