Empowering Parents/Carers’ Voice

Supporting Parents and Carers Wellbeing and Developing Their Identity

When you look after YOUR emotional wellbeing FIRST, your cup will be full to help support and build your children’s wellbeing.

To build your emotional wellbeing – to have a stronger mental health, you need to develop an accurate self-concept. 

Develop Your Self Concept Through…



Your ‘voice’ needs to be heard. 

We will listen to your ‘voice’ that will enable you to reflect on your challenges and what you are experiencing. We provide you individualised support and strategies that will work for you and your children and support your children in their growth and learning.



We will be a source of support, advisor and guide. We will also facilitate and model effective practices that will support you in raising your children.

Most importantly, we are a sounding board for reflection and self-growth that will take you further in your parenting and support your mental health.

An individualised aproach to your needs and requests to improve the quality of interactions and wellbeing of you and your family.

As a result,


You will shape your identity, which is just as important as supporting your children’s identity. Accepting yourself for ‘who you are’. Realising that you are valued, no matter what! A secure and confident identity is the third foundational step to help you live up to your potential and help others, in particular your children, along their journey.


I can believe in myself, BUT If someone believes along WITH ME and IN ME…

Then I definitely know I can be…

Heard. Strong. Confident.

Voice. Wellbeing. Identity.